When outsourcing takes your job, then it will matter MercuryNews.com (8/5)

A recession is when someone else loses his or her job; a depression is when you lose your job. I was reminded of this adage when a recent report by three Bay Area groups said we shouldn't worry about outsourcing of good jobs to other countries. Those losing their jobs would beg to differ.

Wow. Boy do we like that one. We're gonna use that at some point.

None of this is "protectionism," except that it will protect foreign workers and nations from exploitation, the U.S. tax code from encouraging companies to offshore jobs, and American workers from the unchecked whims of globalization.

Corporate leaders need to work smarter. Having served as a CEO, I know the pressures to outsource can be intense. But business executives must look beyond the short-term, cost-cutting gains that outsourcing sometimes provides and focus instead on the long-term costs and devastation to employees and our national economy.

You tell 'em boyo!


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