Outsourcing: The movie
Seattle Times (6/11)

"I'm not sure it's appropriate to find too much humor," he says from his home in Santa Monica, Calif., where he's editing his self-financed documentary, "American Jobs," set to be released on DVD on Labor Day.

It could be the first feature-length documentary to chronicle the outsourcing trend, which appears to be quickening. Forrester Research recently revised its estimates on the number of U.S. technology jobs being sent overseas. The firm now figures some 830,000 white-collar jobs will move abroad by 2005, compared to the 588,000 it projected two years ago.

With a $3,500 digital camera — a gift from his mother and wife — and borrowed lighting and sound equipment, Spotts visited 15 cities from January to April , usually crashing on a friend's couch.


Throughout his research and travels, Spotts hit the same obstacles as others who have tried to measure the effects of offshoring. Hard data is hard to come by. Are U.S. job losses the result of foreign competition or labor-saving technology ?

Spotts found that the two are related. He uses Boeing's parts manufacturing as an example.

"We used to make these parts by hand using tools. Now the tools are computerized and they make the part themselves, so it becomes easier to move that work to a lower-wage country."

Excellent. We love it and look forward to seeing it.

We also encourage everyone to see Fahrenheit 9/11... which, despite what you may be hearing, is factually accurate according to the New York Times: you might not like Moore's conclusions, but you should defend to your death his right to state them.


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