Many advocate outsource penalty KansasCityStar.com (6/9)

Four in 10 American workers think U.S. companies should be free to send work overseas. The remaining six are peeved about the trend.

In fact, a survey by the Employment Law Alliance, conducted in late May, found that 58 percent of U.S. workers think companies that outsource overseas should be penalized by the U.S. government.

The survey didn't ask workers whether those penalties should be tax disadvantages or government contract exclusions. But it did ask workers what they would do if their jobs were threatened by offshoring.


She noted that outsourcing is a polarizing political topic in this election year. Furthermore, the issue has legal consequences that concern labor and employment law attorneys.

"There are many ramifications from offshoring such as inviting unions, decreased employee productivity because of morale issues, and employee retention problems," McNamara said. "If they're fearful of losing their positions, they'll be more likely to be attracted elsewhere."


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