UK shows thumbs down to outsourcing Sify.com (5/11)

In yet another setback for the Indian call centres, a new study in Britain has found that companies using their offshore rivals are damaging their image and profits as fed-up customers look elsewhere for services.

''Seventy-four per cent of people who spoke to foreign call centre workers felt more negatively towards the company. One in seven customers went on to cut ties with these firms, typically in the insurance or telecom sectors,'' said the independent study for customer-relations analysts ContactBabel.

Most of the UK public are not against the concept of offshoring and are prepared to give it a try. However, the experience has often been disappointing and has led to considerable numbers of customers defecting to UK-based competitors, the study said.

UK telecom and insurance companies experienced the greatest levels of offshore-related customer defection.

Further, 42 per cent of customers are less interested in sales calls when they come from outside the United Kingdom, it said.

Last year, 7.3 per cent of the UK public changed suppliers based on the previous company's use of offshore contact centres, it said.

Earlier this month, 'The UK Contact Centre Industry: A Study', commissioned by the UK Government said customers, employees and trade unions should be consulted before moving call centres overseas.


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