Tennessee first US state to enact anti-outsourcing law The Navhind Times (5/25)

In response to the outsourcing of jobs to India and other low-cost countries, Tennessee has become the first state in the United States to enact a law discouraging companies to offshore government work.


Legislatures in 35 US states have introduced bills seeking to address the outsourcing issue, usually by banning the state from contracting with companies planning to employ offshore workers. None has become law because of intense lobbying by business groups.

The new law asks state procurement officials to prefer only US-based employees relating to data-entry and call-centre services. Lawmakers had overwhelmingly approved last month the legislation, which was signed into law last week.

“It kind of rubbed people the wrong way that state tax dollars we are giving were going out of the country,” lawmaker, Mr Dough Overbey was quoted as saying.

Normally we're not for legal moves like this, but if they're talking about firms that get State government contracts then we're all for it.


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