Poll shows support for offshoring tax ZDNet (5/4)

More than 40 percent of U.S. technology executives surveyed would be willing to pay higher taxes to compensate for jobs they send offshore, according to a nationwide poll conducted jointly by CNET News.com and Harris Interactive.

These executives agree with the proposition that companies should be required to pay a "per-head tax" for every position sent to another country. The poll also suggests that companies would be willing to help pay for improvements in the quality of American education and worker retraining to help the United States maintain its competitive edge in technology.

The results were part of a wide-ranging survey of nearly 500 information technology "decision makers," defined as having a role in acquiring or recommending IT products or services for their companies. The respondents, who were polled online in late April, work across industry segments, in various departments and levels at their companies, including the most senior ranks.
Wait... wait... wait for it...
Economists and others expressed surprise that so many executives would accept an offshore outsourcing tax, especially because the reason often cited for foreign outsourcing is saving money.
And there it is! And we wondered the exact same thing: why would they pay? Things that make you go "hmmmm"


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