Offshoring of US service jobs gathering pace, says survey The Business Times (5/20)

THE 'offshoring' of US service jobs to low-wage countries is growing faster than previously thought, a leading research firm reported on Monday.

Forrester Research, a technology trend analysis firm, estimates that 830,000 US service jobs will be lost by 2005, a 40 per cent increase from a projection of 588,000 jobs it made in November 2002.

'It's happening more quickly than we anticipated' because employers are finding they can significantly reduce labour costs by sending jobs to low-wage countries, particularly India, Forrester vice-president Stephanie Moore said. In a highly competitive global marketplace, 'everybody is trying to do more with less,' she said. 'There's a lot of pressure on budgets.'

Yeah, there's a lot of pressure on budgets: family bugets, school budgets, city budgets, state budgets, the federal budget... everyone except the military's budget it seems. Well, what are you going to do?


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