Lloyds shareholders back offshoring protest The Guardian (5/24)

Shareholders attending yesterday's Lloyds TSB annual meeting were greeted by protesters demonstrating against the bank's decision to export 1,500 call centre jobs to India.

The demonstration, organised by the Lloyds TSB Union, urged shareholders to back their campaign to halt so-called offshoring.

The staff union has collected 360,000 signatures in support of its campaign and large numbers of shareholders came forward to add their names.

Now that is impressive.

Yesterday Lloyds TSB shareholder Brian Hitchin said he had made a 1,000-mile round trip from Staffordshire to the meeting in Edinburgh to protest against offshoring.

"I feel very strongly about sending work out to the Middle East and closing down call centres here in the UK.".

Sort of a "not in our name" kinda thing, but this is what it is going to take folks: shareholders saying 'you know, I could make a little less on my investment if I knew the work was gonna stay in this country and help my community.' It's just that simple.


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