Lieberman Raps Parties Over Offshoring InternetNews.com (5/12)

Unless policymakers act, the next offshoring wave will hit high-end IT jobs and undermine America's "innovation infrastructure," U.S. Sen. Joseph Lieberman (D-Conn.) warned in a major policy address.

With harsh words for Democrats and Republicans, Lieberman said Congress' response to the challenge has been predictable: "Do Nothing" free-traders shunning any government action and "Do Anything" protectionists who might "save some jobs today, even if it means losing more tomorrow."

"To stop offshore outsourcing and preserve American jobs, America needs to rise to the international competition and grow again through innovation," Lieberman said before a packed room at the New America Foundation on Tuesday. "There is no other way. Leaving it all to the markets won't work. Hiding behind a wall won't work. Attempting to rig the game won't work. Only education, innovation, investment, trade, training and hard work will give us the growth and jobs we want and need."

For the record, we loathe Lieberman. We read somewhere that someone asked him to be an Orthodox Democrat and a moderate Jew (or something to that effect)... as far as we're concerned he's a Republican and we wish he would just say it and get it over with.


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