How India funds Bush's campaign
Asia Times (5/19)
There is our glorious leader: creating jobs for the rest of the world!

There is more than one reason US President George W Bush should thank Indians, whether in the United States or India, as the buildup to elections in the US slated for November gathers steam. Indians are contributing handsomely to Bush's campaign funds while, until recently, there was a band of more than 100 dedicated call-center executives who were handling Bush's fundraising and vote-seeking campaign for the Republican Party from the outsourcing hubs of Noida and Gurgaon, which adjoin the national capital Delhi.

Yes, fearless leader, that's it: create jobs and they'll love us! Truly he is the chosen one!
While it seems that the fundraising contract was called off because most Republican voters had been covered, sources also say that the backlash against outsourcing in the United States as well as pressure from the anti-outsourcing lobby within the Republican Party might have also contributed to the cancellation.

Really? You mean that fearless leader & his lackeys flip-flopped on a deal because of political pressure?? That doesn't sound like Bush at all.


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