Governor urged to back off anti-offshoring directive The Business Journal Pheonix (5/12)

Arizona business interests want Gov. Janet Napolitano to rescind her recent directive aimed at weeding foreign outsourcing and offshoring out of state government contract work.

Really??? That's surprising. Who would have thought that they would try to do that?
Business groups led by the Arizona Chamber of Commerce want Napolitano to back track on her anti-outsourcing effort. They also question whether her directive is legally binding because it did not follow formal rule making procedures.

Chamber officials and a group of about 15 top business leaders and chief executives are scheduled to meet with the governor's office on the matter on May 18.

State chamber vice president Farrell Quinlan said the state government "should not be meddling" in the free market. Business interests are also not ruling out legal action at some point, questioning the legality and constitutionality of Napolitano's action. Quinlan stressed the state chamber has no plans to sue the governor over her anti-outsourcing move.

The state isn't 'meddling': it's just doing what every customer should and checking to see if it likes the companies it may do business with. Plus by hiring locally it's putting its money into the local economy and helping the people of Arizona with their own tax dollars.

There's an old line that says "'Judicial activism' is just a name for a decision you don't like" and we have to wonder if 'meddling' isn't the same because it seems to me that 'big business' goes crying to local, state and the federal governments all the time seeking protections and breaks because the market isn't going their way. Just a thought though.


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