Outsourcing fears based on myths: experts The Hindu (4/18)

Amidst the furore in the US over outsourcing to countries like India, experts have dubbed as "myths" the fears on sending jobs overseas, saying more Americans are now employed than ever before.

"The benefits of sending jobs overseas have been almost entirely ignored," Tom Kane, research fellow at the Center for Data Analysis; Brett Schaefer, Fellow at the Center for International Trade and Economics; and Alison Fraser, director of the Institute for Economic Policy Studies at The Heritage Foundation said.

First off, and we can say this since we've known a few of them, but the folks at The Heritage Foundation are, by and large, complete jackasses.

No joke: they aren't intellectuals looking for reasonable dialectic, instead they're total ideologues and they aren't interested in doing anything except advancing a hard core conservative agenda. Be wary of anyone at Heritage.

Secondly, we lined up our own experts that we'd like you to take a look at to rebut the scary experts from Heritage and we think you'll find them just a little more convincing.

(And we're sorry, but all of the Indian papers telling us that outsourcing/offshoring isn't a problem is just creepy because (a) they say it way too often and (b) they're a little too eager to have us agree)


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