Look Into Their Eyes FastCompany.com (4/04)

"These people lost high-tech jobs to low-wage countries. Try telling them that offshoring is a good thing in the long run."


James Victor
Coral Springs, Florida

Victor was evicted from his apartment after his contract programming job at First Data was offshored. He's working again, but says he has little hope for the future.

"Here I am 51, and I don't see myself in a situation where I can ever retire."

Yes, but your former bosses will so at least there's a happy ending for someone right?
Natasha Humphries
Santa Clara, California

A former Palm software engineer, Humphries, 30, says she traveled to India to train her replacements, and has testified before Congress about her experience.

"How much time does [any job] buy me before I find myself in this situation again?"

If you missed Natasha testifying before congress, well you missed a real treat: she was amazing. Even the senators were impressed.

100 faces of actual offshored workers. We may never take down this link.


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