More IT Jobs to Go Offshore, Controversial ITAA Report Says ComputerWorld (4/5)

"Some workers may have to take a job that pays less than their [current jobs]," and some IT workers will face "wage compression" as a result of overseas competition, said Nariman Behravesh, chief economist at Global Insight.

"But not management: no, never management... in fact, they're doing better than ever! So don't worry your pretty little heads about them." He added

John Steadman, president of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers-USA, said the report assumes that the savings from offshore outsourcing will be used to create new jobs in the U.S. And it's "not absolutely clear that will happen," he said, adding that companies can "invest overseas, and the new jobs get created elsewhere and do not help U.S. workers."

We have a word for anyone that thinks these savings will go towards creating jobs equal to the jobs lost: naive.


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