Into Thin Air FastCompany.com (4/04)

Offshoring jobs is an old story in the manufacturing sector. Now, service jobs once "Any knowledge-worker job is at some risk," says Michael T. Robinson, president of Careerplanner.com. Working with his firm and our own research, we've come up with a list of jobs and their relative vulnerability.

Extreme Risk | Accountant | Industrial Engineer | Production Control Specialist | Quality Assurance Engineer | Call-Center Operator | Help-Desk Specialist | Telemarketer

High or Moderate Risk | Automotive Engineer | Computer Systems Analyst | Database Administrator | Software Developer | Customer-Service Representative | CAD Technician | Paralegal/Legal Assistant | Medical Transcriptionist | Copy Editor/Journalist | Film Editor | Insurance Agent | Lab Technician | Human Resources Specialist

Low Risk | Airplane Mechanic | Artist | Carpenter | Civil Engineer | Headhunter | Interior Designer

Is your job on this list?

And don't forget it isn't just about jobs and putting people out of work: what about all those office buildings and parks that are now facing high vacancy rates because the jobs that used to fill them have gone offshore?

Ripples folks, ripples.


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