India's advice to the U.S.: Invest in yourself
Salon.com (4/20)

White-collar globalization is no boogeyman in India: Newspapers here like to call the workers at companies like Infosys "the young hopefuls," beacons of modernization in a society where 50 percent of the population is still illiterate. But everyone in the tech industry in India is fully conscious of the political controversy that has erupted over the topic of outsourced and offshored jobs in the United States -- a country that is also, unsurprisingly, the home of many of their biggest clients.

Their message back? These are your rules we are playing by, and you'll find it difficult, or impossible, to change them.

Well, they're partially right: but it isn't a 'level playing field' and until we demand that our government does something about that (like providing healthcare, enforcing trade policies, etc.,) all that's going to happen is we'll lose more jobs.

But they're right, and if you think about it you'll realize that it's true: we don't invest in ourselves. One only needs look at the lip-service that is paid to the public school system to realize that (and doen't talk to us about 'vouchers' that's just a tax break for the upper-middle class and a way to eventually privitize the schools).


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