Hollywood In Canada Splits Unions Washington Post (4/16)

A group of Capitol Hill and California lawmakers have urged the movie industry to curb filming in foreign countries, portraying the next Russell Crowe movie, set to start shooting in Canada, as the latest example of foreign outsourcing to affect U.S. workers.

But the effort has caused a split among unions whose members make the movies. Lower-skilled union members, such as Teamsters, laborers and electricians, back efforts to prevent movie jobs from leaving the country. They have called on Universal Studios, which is shooting the Crowe film, to pack up and return to the United States.

Higher-skilled union members, such as directors, cinematographers and actors, instead favor tax incentives to make it more enticing for filmmakers to stay in the country. They side with the studios, which say the number of movies shot in the United States is increasing.

Swimmin' pools, movie stars...


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