Hill GOP Seeks to Limit 'Offshoring' Fallout The Washington Post (4/1)

The Bush administration this week began responding to the movement of jobs overseas, outlining how to make the U.S. labor force more competitive against international rivals. But some congressional Republicans -- unsatisfied with what they say is an overly complex, tepid answer -- are planning their own assault on "offshoring."

"Republicans have to have a better response because the Democrats are going to hit this until the horse drops," Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) said. "So far, we've had an academic response to an emotional issue, and that never serves you in politics."


This spring and summer, Republicans plan to launch a marathon, eight-week "Hire Our Workers" debate in the House. Its goal is to push votes on health care, regulatory relief, job training and education, tax cuts, energy production, lawsuit curbs, research and development incentives and "trade fairness and opportunity."

Oh goody: Republicans in the House and we know what that means don't we folks? Tom "the Hammer/Exterminator" DeLay. We're going to lay it out for you folks: we loathe DeLay and as the man who currently controls the agenda in House and is one of the figures behind the K Street Project we don't believe for a minute that he (especially as somone who uttered the words "It has never been proven that air toxics are hazardous to people") or the Republicans under his control, would ever do anything to help anyone who isn't wealthy.


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