CNN's Lou Dobbs is a man on a mission: He's telling the public about the dangers of sending jobs overseas MSNBC.com (4/9)

Every weeknight for more than a year "Lou Dobbs Tonight" on CNN has insistently covered — and condemned — sending American jobs to other countries, aka outsourcing or offshoring.


Unapologetic, Dobbs says he’s driving a story of critical importance with "Exporting America," the program's catchy tag for its series of reports.

"I think if this trend continues, is allowed to continue, that the United States, without being unduly alarmist, is headed toward if not a third-world category than a second-world category as a nation," Dobbs said in a recent interview.

Without tarring all corporate executives, Dobbs said, "There are some who simply look at this (U.S. economy) as a convenient piggy bank to loot, and the worker be damned."

Okay, so no more torturing Lou a la Atrios. Lou also provides a list of companies that offshore... Go get 'em Lou!


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