View from America: Losing jobs is grim The Statesman
" The eight were part of a cadre of 50 in a large insurance company. Most of the people in the meeting had worked for the company for 20 years or more. Suddenly their work had been outsourced to a domestic firm. That firm had in turn announced that it would be replacing the IT workers - who earned an average of $65,000 a year - with Indian workers who would earn something like a tenth of that. Not only would most of these American workers lose their jobs: they were told that, in coming weeks, they would be required to train the Indian employees who were to replace them."

Ugh! We always hate hearing that. Training your replacement is like digging your own grave. But remember our advice kiddies: if you have to train them, train them badly!

"For while stocks soar and some CEOs earn $100 million a year in pay, the American populace is increasingly worried about the economic future of the US workplace. Chief among their worries is this: Forrester Research predicts at least 3.3 million white collar jobs and $136 billion in wages will shift from the USA to low-cost countries by 2015."

Oh trust us those CEOs will worry... especially once the revolution comes! To arms brothers & sisters! To arm... what??? What do you mean not yet? What do you mean the revolution has to wait until after 'The Apprentice' and the next 'American Idol' are picked?!? You can't worry about the television season if you want to overthrow the system! Fine! The revolution is off!!


"The dream of everyone in the USA is that sometime, someday, their children will not have to work with their hands. Office jobs are more desirable – they are cleaner, pay better and have more status – than jobs in manufacture. So as blue collar jobs disappeared, and the nation was promised that white collar jobs would take their place, there was little outcry.

But now the white collar jobs are disappearing too. The USA is in the midst of what is being called a "jobless recovery". For 43 consecutive months, manufacturers have cut the number of workers on their payrolls. The USA is in the longest employment slump since the 1930s, when the nation was mired in the Great Depression.

Now the dream is that our kids win on 'American Idol'

"As Americans confront the evaporation of their dreams, they are beginning to look at where their jobs have gone. What they find, a discovery greatly abetted by the media, is that their jobs have gone, or are going, to India.

It should be made clear that India in this regard is a synecdoche (a term of rhetorical analysis for a part which stands for the whole). The first great offshoring of service jobs occurred when back-office work and call centres went to Northern Ireland over a decade ago. The Northern Irish, like Indians, were available at “low wages”, they spoke English and at the time there were excellent phone hookups to Belfast. Today, excellent telephone links are global and there are many sources of lower-wage workers who speak perfect English. Sometimes English is not even required."


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Job trend has changed nowadays as most of them are looking for high paying jobs. There are lots of job openings since many companies are in need of smart employers with adequate knowledge


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