U.S. jobs take overseas trips: Send the word that the Yanks' (jobs) are coming RockyMountainNews.com (3/01)
The issue strikes a chord in Colorado because the state boasts the highest concentration of tech workers in the nation.


To be sure, outsourcing doesn't always work. After fielding customer gripes, Dell stopped sending U.S. technical support calls for some corporate computer customers to a call center in India.

Dell customers reportedly complained of language barriers and delays.

Customers complained. Hear that? So the next time you're talking to 'Chad,' 'Jake,' or 'Sally'* ask them where they are and when you find out they aren't in the US, talk to their supervisor and tell them they've lost your business because of offshoring.

(*Actual names used by customer reps that a friend could not understand until she complained and was given a number in California)


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