Spinning lack of job growth is hard work the Oregoniean (3/19)
"However you turn the jobs issue around, looking for an encouraging color, it keeps looking like a pink slip."


"In none of those six months did the number of new jobs reach the 150,000 level needed just to keep things from getting worse. In one of those months, the total in the entire country was 1,000 new jobs.

You can see why the president, in his town hall meetings, gets excited meeting with an employer who says he may hire two more people.

"If you look at the payroll survey, you don't see any large growth in jobs that you would expect in the recovery," notes Elise Gould, an economist at the Economic Policy Institute in Washington, D.C. In "other recoveries, at this point in time, you've seen a lot more jobs."

That's what's created a brand-new concept in economics: the "jobless recovery."

It's something like a foodless dinner."


"Karl Rove's boast that the job loss so far in this administration is closer to 2 million than 3 million is true; the number of jobs lost since the employment peak is actually 2.4 million. But the number looks that good only because of public sector job growth: Private job loss still tops 3 million."


"The administration put together a series of policies that they labeled job-growth policies, and they didn't work," Shapiro says. "We've wasted hundreds of billions on ill-designed job-growth initiatives."


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