Sharing of info gets attention SFGate.com (2/29)
"In California, two bills have been introduced that would impose new safeguards for sensitive consumer data exported overseas. At the federal level, Rep. Edward Markey, D-Mass., is demanding that regulatory agencies ensure that the outsourcing trend not undermine U.S. citizens' privacy rights.

All these moves are a direct response to my reporting late last year that a clerical worker in Pakistan had threatened to post confidential records of patients at UC San Francisco Medical Center on the Internet unless she received more money.

The worker, Lubna Baloch, had received the patient files as part of a long chain of outsourced subcontractors hired to transcribe notes dictated by UCSF doctors. She backed up her threat by including two actual patient files with her e-mail to hospital officials.

Baloch promised to destroy the medical records -- it's unknown if she ever did -- after another subcontractor in the chain paid her off."



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