Sent in by an angry reader:
US IT CEOs innovate to hire Indians The Economic Times (3/22)
"Worried about making it to the US now that the H1-B visa cap's been reached? Corporate America is batting hard for you."

Uh, no: we're already here and we're really more worried about getting health insurance.

"...most hi-tech companies are looking for ways to tread around the H1-B rather than lobbying for an increase in the quota."

Really? Tell us more.

"One prong is the use of the facility to bring in exceptionally skilled professionals - with advanced degree earned in US colleges - because such people are exempt from the H1-B cap.

In addition, these companies plan to try and persuade the US Congress to allow more of such individuals to be brought in - counting on the availability of people with such skills for their high-end tech jobs.


"The logic is simple: there aren't enough scientists and engineers with advanced learning degrees among American citizens; so, there won't be any backlash against bringing people over from countries like India."

You know, if there wasn't such a strong, virulent strain of anti-intellectualism in America we might have more folks with advanced degrees here too.

"Which brings us to the second prong of the weapon: why train scientists and engineers in US universities only to send them home to India so that they can compete against American businesses?

That's the question which will, hi-tech corporations are hoping, force Washington to find ways to keep these human repositories of America-taught knowhow in the country instead of letting them go."

Now we here at Outsourced America have no problem if folks stay and work here and pay taxes, but it has recently come to our attention that H1-B visa holders DON'T pay the same level of taxes everyone else does and that is not right.

"Add to that the far-from-subtle hint that if US companies can't bring much-required overseas talent in, they will ship the jobs to the countries where those talents are.

So, what the H1-B champs are proposing is essentially an extension to the quota exemption that already exists for people working at higher education institutes and R&D agencies in the non-profit or the government sector.

They want this exemption extended to applicants who have picked up master’s degrees or doctorates from US universities. How will that help?

Simple: those among existing H1-B holders who belong to this category will be moved out of the quota, freeing that many slots within the cap. Moreover, companies can always hire more people in the category even after the cap is reached."

What total Bastards. Now do you get why you HAVE to vote?


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