Repsonse to Peter Cochrane's Uncommon Sense: Outsourcing and offshoring Silicon.com (m/dd)

The migration of jobs from the West to poorer countries is closely related to the lowering of working standards. As union pressure forced up working conditions in the West, the cost rose accordingly. An easy option was to move these jobs to economies that don't have the same level of protection (such as health and safety regulation/minimum wage/paid holidays etc).

I have personally visited factories in China, producing goods for UK companies, that would have been closed down on health and safety grounds in an instant in the UK. If you really want to improve conditions for people in the Third World, the answer is to stop Western countries being allowed to outsource work to countries (or at least companies) that do not have the level of workers rights that are considered acceptable in the West. If this means lower profits/higher prices, then so be it. Companies aren't allowed to gain competitive advantage by flouting regulations for their workers in the UK, so why should the be allowed to do it for workers in the Far East?

Here's the article this poster was responding to Peter Cochrane's Uncommon Sense: Outsourcing and offshoring


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