Outsourcing Is Becoming a Harder Sell in the U.S. The New York Times (3/06)

Now, even some practitioners are speaking out against globalization.

"I really hate it," said Al Lubrano, president of Technical Materials Inc., a Lincoln, R.I., manufacturer of specialty metal parts for computers, telecommunications equipment and other applications. "I think we're really selling out our manufacturing community down the river."


"Outsourcing has so far been modest compared to what's to come," said Lael Brainard of the Brookings Institution in Washington. Brian Keane, chief executive of Keane Inc., a Boston-based company that handles back-office operations for companies, said executives increasingly were concluding that they had no alternative to sending jobs overseas, despite the growing political heat.

"You almost can't afford not to,'' Mr. Keane said. "That's the bottom line." Otherwise, he added, competitors will end up "eating your lunch."


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