Outsourcing: Globalization 3.0 Star-Telegram.com (3/07)
"These work-flow platforms can chop up any service job -- accounting, radiology, consulting, software engineering -- into different functions and then, thanks to scanning and digitization, outsource each function to teams of skilled knowledge workers around the globe, based on which team can do each function with the highest skill at the lowest price. Then the project is reassembled back at headquarters into a finished product."


"We created a worldwide network which connected all the resource pools on the planet, and suddenly we changed the rules of the game," said Nandan Nilekani, CEO of the Indian software giant Infosys -- which last year received nearly 1 million applications from Indian techies for 9,000 software jobs.

You cannot wish away this new era of globalization, he added. "It will not go away."
We could really learn to loathe Thomas Friedman.


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