Now this is an interesting article...
Tech jobs have room to grow here and abroad, experts say Miami.com (3/19)

"Yet a growing number of experts are speaking up to argue that the "offshoring" crisis is seriously overblown, particularly when it comes to information technology jobs."

Ok, we're listening (but we're still filing out our application for 'The Real World: Bangalore')


"But the hand-wringers are overlooking an even bigger phenomenon: An ongoing shortage of high-tech workers in this country that has been only partially allayed by importing foreign tech workers."

Uh, go on...

"'We have been avoiding the need for more technically trained people for the last 10 years,' said McCarthy. 'We're paying the piper.'

McCarthy acknowledges he played a role in generating fears about job flight.

In late 2002, he authored a widely quoted Forrester study predicting that 3.3 million more U.S. service industry jobs and $136 billion in wages will move offshore to countries such as India, Russia, China and the Philippines over the next 15 years."

Yeah, that report is really scary, like '28 Days Later' uber-scary

"Sounds like a lot in aggregate, but that breaks down to 220,000 jobs a year, McCarthy notes, a drop in the bucket given the U.S. economy's 130 million jobs. The domestic economy can create 220,000 jobs in a single month without breaking a sweat, economists point out, although it hasn't happened lately - much to President Bush's chagrin."

We think Bush's chagrin was all used up when he didn't find any WMDs in Iraq. Or get bin Laden "dead or alive." Or when the 'insergents' in Iraq actually started "bringing it on" (how do you say "Game on" in arabic?).

"Of course, that doesn't lessen the pain of a displaced white-collar worker who went into technology thinking it was secure. But McCarthy believes another force is at work."

Sauron? Or Agent Smith from the Matrix?

The current anger about offshoring may reflect a more general disappointment that tech salaries have leveled off and stock options are no longer being handed out freely.

Uh, you forgot how upset we were when we weren't picked to be on 'The Real World: Philly.' How about saying it's because we're upset that Whitney is in rehab and Courtney is never going to get custody of Francis Bean again, because that ain't it: it's 'cuz we can't find work or we don't have health insurance or our kid's school sucks because there isn't enough money to fund it or we're forced to work for companies that won't hire us as anything but temps with no benefits and we're barely making enough to stay afloat.



"Still, there's rising concern that the offshoring talk is scaring away students from technology and computer sciences.

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates is so concerned that he toured five college campuses in February including MIT, Harvard and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to reassure computer science students that lucrative livelihoods still await them.

The ranks of computer science majors are declining as overseas competition for jobs increases, Gates acknowledged. "But people are way overreacting," he told The New York Times."

He continued "And that 'Think India' thing that was going around the Microsoft offices? That was really 'Think Indiana' but our printers suck: we're thinking of switching to Macs because MS Office is much better on them."

As always: read for yourself, we're just pointing to things we think you should think about.


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