"No Outsourcing" Becoming the New "Made in the U.S.A." Slogan American International Automobile Dealers (3/12)
"No outsourcing" could become the latest twist on the "made in the USA" slogan. Now, consumers are compiling Web sites that track which employers outsource overseas, which means they hire workers in other countries to do jobs typically held by U.S. employees. And some businesses are letting clients request that work not be farmed out to overseas workers.

Anti-outsourcing cry unnerves corporate giants Asia Times (3/13)
"Early this week, both GE and Gillette cited the outsourcing backlash as a risk factor for their growth and said the competitiveness of a number of US companies would be severely affected by legislation barring outsourcing and the emergence of a protectionist climate in the US. While GE warned of its impact in the initial public offering (IPO) filing for Genworth Financial, a GE subsidiary, as well as in its annual report, Gillette so far has kept its concerns limited to the pages of its annual report."

Fair is fair: Offshoring unnerves us!

At This Startup, "Outsource" Is a Dirty Word BusinessWeek.com (3/15)
Kevin Wallace of Atomz won't even consider offshore programmers. It's essential, he says, to have "all the people we want in the one room"

St. Petersberg Times (Letters to the Editor, 3/13)
"I suppose that paying someone overseas one-sixth the amount paid to Friedman to come up with his columns could save a bundle.

At 400 times the salaries of their average employee, CEOs are expensive. Can't someone overseas do their jobs for less?"

Hmmm, now those are interesting ideas...


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