Made-In-Burma Jacket Stirs Flap for Bush Campaign Yahoo! News (3/19)
"A "Bush-Cheney '04" campaign jacket sold on the Internet has stirred controversy because it was made in Myanmar, whose imports have been banned by the United States."


"The Bush administration has had sanctions in place since September against Myanmar -- also known by its colonial name Burma -- in an attempt to punish the government over human rights violations."


""I am totally prepared to accept responsibility," said Ted Jackson, president of Spalding. "This is about an honest mistake."

Jackson said a supplier shipped the wrong products.

Yes: the 'wrong' products that just happened to have "Bush-Cheney '04" on them.

""We are committed to making sure only made-in-the-USA products are sold through the Web site," said Bush campaign spokesman Scott Stanzel."

"Just like we're committed to finding out who 'outed' Valerie Plame as a CIA operative and helping the Committee looking into September 11th" he added.

Check out this exchange over that the DailyKos where the Bush store people talk about how their stuff is "constructed elsewhere of American-made components."


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