Hey there are jobs are being created!
Outsourcing's in, and business is booming ExpressIndia.com (3/19)
"If you watch English movies, listen to pop music, read bestsellers, keep track of English dailies and have completed English-medium schooling, you are wanted."

Hey, sounds great! we watch, uh, English movies (you mean stuff like 'Snatch' right?), and we LOVE pop music (Britney's the best! And why was Justin was SO mean to her? Whatta jerk! Boys are mean!). We're not sure what 'English Dailies' are but we're pretty sure we can keep track of 'em... Are there jobs for us?

"This is an advertisement for a business processing outsourcing (BPO) centre. Advertisements like these are testimony that Gujarat has finally jumped onto the BPO bandwagon."

'Gujarat'? Where the hell is that? I don't think that's in New Jersey... is it near Albuquerque? Or San Diego? We hope it's near San Diego! Sure, our Spanish is a little rusty, but we can practice ("Vamos a la playa." "Si! es bueno!").

"At present, IT services generate jobs for around 6,000 graduates in Gujarat. With the BPO industry growing at a rate of 50 per cent, Gujarat is slotted to grow more than the industry estimate. Given the trend, by this year-end, this industry should generate 10,000 jobs. At Motif, we just added 45 jobs this month to the existing workforce of 400,"

Gosh, this sounds too good to be true! We wonder what rents are like in San Diego? Maybe we can get a place like they have on 'The Real World'!! San Diego seems like so much fun!

"Anupam Saxena, marketing head of Creative Infocity, said, "It is a slow reversal, but efforts to put Gujarat on the IT map are slowly paying off."

"Dear Anupam Saxena,
We are developers looking for work. We have heard how cool Gujarat is, and were wondering if maybe you were the young lady that hooked up with Randy the other night on 'The Real World'? If so, we don't think having a fake tooth is all that bad. Boys can be so mean! Can we have jobs?"

Oh, wait... Gujarat isn't near San Diego: it's in India. Well, at least someone can find work.


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