From our "You Can Get Anything on eBay" File:

3D Graphics Development Team eBay

"We were the core team of the world's leading 3D graphics, animation, and rendering system. This system sets the standard by which all others are measured due to our many years of work as a team and individual talents we bring to it. The product of our work has touched the lives of every person who has ever enjoyed a movie, played a computer game, or watched television. If you've ever dabbled with "Warcraft III™" or "Myst™" on your computer or seen "The Matrix™", "Mission Impossible™", "The Last Samurai™" and many, many others on the big screen, then you've seen the work done with our tools.

We are in love with what we do and we are the best people on the planet to do it.

What happened to us is nothing new. Our jobs were offshored because companies need to focus on the bottom line. We feel it is THEIR LOSS, YOUR GAIN. High-tech is really shaken up by offshoring. For us, we've been like a family for more than a decade so we are focusing our energies on keeping our team intact.

Now you have the opportunity to negotiate a contract with the most cohesive and passionate people in the industry. We are ready to go. We have the enthusiasm, imagination and talent that only a proven team of people can bring to a successful product.

Our level of expertise is second to none. We range from software and hardware based 3D renderers to advanced modeling and animation systems, user interface design and implementation, image processing and post production, distributed networking systems, quality assurance, project management, everything you need in your production pipeline and more.

If you are a studio, this is your way to have all your development in-house allowing you to have complete control over your process without depending on third party tools to do things the way you want done.

If you are a VC looking for a team to bring some great idea into fruition, here is you chance to contract the best team one could find."

As of this posting, bidding was only at $260, but there's 4 days and 20 hours left. But you know eBay: everyone waits till the last minute and then tries to get in the lowest bid.


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