From Our 'We The People' File...
"One of the results of outsourcing to low-wage countries is the downward pressure it puts on pay in the United States to make our workers competitive."

"The consensus of executives in your "Looking Offshore" business section articles (March 7) was that this result is great for profits for them and their stockholders, so let's do it more and faster."


"With the moving of U.S. white-collar jobs or any other jobs overseas, the government is losing the income from income taxes, the contribution to the Social Security fund and any other deduction on the payroll. I am surprised that none of the politicians, economists or your staff writers analyzed that side of the story." (Our point exactly!)


"Our economy is being funneled off in so many directions that it may not be viable for much longer. Are we prepared to become the next Third World country?

As unemployment rises, spending and savings will fall while credit levels jump. I've been unemployed for six months. My unemployment insurance is about to run out. I know other people who have been out of a job for two years or more.

What happens when I don't have any income and my savings are completely gone? What happens when I and others like me can't pay our debts?"


"If boards of directors really want to save corporations millions of dollars, outsource the positions of the chief executive officer and the chief financial officer. Then you will really see the cost savings.

If this outsourcing continues in America, we're all going to be singing, 'Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?'"

Ah, the American people: so much more eloquent then we are. Keep writing those letters folks!


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