From the "If there's nothing wrong, why are you being sneaky" file:
Latest buzz on BPO block: dual shoring Rediff.com (3/19)

"Indian BPO companies seem to have devised an ingenious method to work their way around the US-led backlash against offshoring. The technique is simple: operate an office in the US that employs a few American workers and let them handle 10-15 per cent of the project work. The rest can safely be offshored to India."

Sneaky, but see the key to being 'sneaky' is that you don't tell anyone. That's why Bond villains always lose: they love to hear themselves talk and they just lay out their whole plan.

Don't you guys watch Bond movies?

I'm not sure that 'The Dual-Shored American' has quite the same ring to it? do you?


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