A couple of 'Ordinary Joes' to the jobs rescue The Arizona Republic (3/21)
"We had a lot of H-1b and L-1 visa employees at one place I worked," Dawn says. "Companies can control those people like slaves. I think that a big part of our problem is the abuse of foreign workers."


We have this perception in American that whenever there is a problem, there is a group out there doing something about it. But we didn't see that. So we decided to do something ourselves."

It wasn't much. At least the couple didn't think so. They created a Web site (www.RescueAmericanJobs.org).


"...The couple registered Rescue American Jobs as a non-profit organization and within a short time found itself with 60 chapters all over the country. They can be reached by phone at (480) 832-0335."

"It's unreal how many people are being affected by current economic policies," Dawn says. "Just today I spoke with a woman who lost her job and has had to work in an underemployed position at a place like Wal-Mart and she just lost her home. There are thousands and thousands of people like her."


"We are offshoring radiologists," she says. "We are offshoring doctors. Legal work is being done offshore. Engineering. Computer science. It's amazing. Even tax returns are being processed offshore. And it's not finished. This is something we have to talk about, particularly this year, with the election coming up."

"In California, a high-tech worker named Kevin Flanagan was forced by his employer to train his own replacement, a man from overseas. Flanagan performed the task he was assigned, then he killed himself."

Uh, there's nothing funny about that...


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