Could we love Arianna Huffington anymore than we do?
Progress vs. products Salon.com (3/17) (ok, you have to watch a commercial, but it is worth it!)
"You know working stiffs are in trouble when the White House believes the stock market is the end-all of our country's economic health."


"At one of the staged-for-the-cameras "Conversations on the Economy" he's been holding on the campaign trail, President Bush got downright giddy at the prospect of a Bakersfield, Calif., stock car builder hiring two new workers at his business.

"That's really good news," he gushed. "A lot of people are feeling confident and optimistic about our future so they can say, 'I'm going to hire two more.' That's confidence!" Actually, Mr. President, getting all worked up about two prospective jobs in a city that has a 12.8 percent unemployment rate and has lost 4,400 jobs since you took office is living in a state of denial."

Also read Arianna's speech delivered at the National Voice Summit in Washington Tuesday


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