Carricaburu: Legislation won't stop outsourcing The Salt Lake Tribue (3/28)

"That Americans persist in viewing themselves as the center of the universe is nowhere more apparent than in the current clamor over the outsourcing of jobs overseas.

The practice justifiably worries U.S. workers. It's hard enough to compete for jobs in a weak labor market without losing positions to India or China.

Recognizing an exploitable vulnerability, politicians have responded. In Congress and some state legislatures, bills have been introduced that would require companies to disclose plans to move jobs overseas, rescind tax incentives awarded companies that send work abroad and prohibit government contracts with companies that export jobs."


"Such efforts, however, are reactionary and fail either to understand or to adequately address the problem. The American Electronics Association (AEA) says as much in a report released Wednesday.

AEA acknowledges that people are hurt when high-paying jobs once reserved for Americans move overseas. However, "the magnitude of offshore outsourcing is unknown" it says."

And we agree and this isn't some knee-jerk, protectionist reaction: we're of the opinion that this country is in trouble and things cannot get better without deep structural changes, such as...

"Education is key. "It is not possible for the United States to retain its intellectual and business leadership in the world without improving math and science at the K-12 level," the AEA says.

It recommends increasing federally sponsored scientific research and giving green cards to foreign nationals with advanced degrees to keep their jobs in the United States. Health care, litigation and regulatory costs associated with doing business in the United States also need to fall."

Univeral healthcare: we're all for it and it will go a long way to keeping jobs here competitive.

An interesting article, but it misses a few, subtle things the author misses and we'll be dicussing that, and the evils of 'insourcing' hopefully soon.


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