State lawmakers slam Outsourcing: Veon, McGeehan's bills would make work for state harder for companies that ship jobs overseas Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (2/25)
"(PA State Rep Mike) McGeehan (of Philadelphia) said such jobs weren't going overseas "because foreign workers produce a better product or are more efficient."

"They're leaving because companies know foreign workers are cheaper to employ because they have a significantly lower standard of living and far fewer rights and protections," he said.

Tell it like it is brother Mike! And he's a Dem! Plenty of articles up at his site and we'll be doing a bit on him soon but for right now I will leave you with this from Rep. McGeehan:

“Some American corporate executives are putting increased profits and bigger bonuses before the interests of their dedicated American employees, and before the economic health of their own nation.”

I think I might be in love...


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