the Outsourced American (OA) has received some comments to the effect that "Indians are evil!" and we want to state that we do NOT subscribe to this point of view: Indian businessmen are simply taking advantage of a business situation and their workers are simply trying to provide a better life for their families.

If anyone is "evil" in this situation, it is American businessmen that would rather put their workers -members of their communities who have worked hard to help them build/grow/sustain their businesses- out of work so that management can have larger bonuses or greater returns on their stock options.

The OA NEVER blames Indians, the Chinese, or people in other countries that simply want a job; we are NOT anti-immigration (immigration has made this country great); and we are not racist and have no tolerance for those that are.

The OA can be black, white, asian, or even, believe it or not, Indian.

The OA may admits that we present a point of view - we have a message that offshoring jobs is wrong because it is done for the wrong reasons and weakens America as a whole- but you must think for yourself: we encourage you to collect information from a variety of sources and never simply trust one place: that will get you in nothing but trouble (especially if it is FOX News which is right-wing propaganda).


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