Job Losses Pit CNN's Dobbs Against Old Pals Wall Street Journal (2/26)
"It's really one of the most dramatic shifts of attitude and persona that TV has seen," says David Bernknopf, a media strategist and former CNN vice president. "Lou was always seen by corporate America as a reliable and generally friendly journalist. Now he has shifted 180 degrees and has clearly dedicated his show to criticizing a lot of the way that corporate America does business."


Mr. Dobbs acknowledges that his anti-outsourcing campaign has sparked complaints from some traditional allies. "I've had one or two CEOs suggest that I'm a communist," he says. James K. Glassman, a conservative commentator who sparred with Mr. Dobbs on the air earlier this month, has launched an anti-Dobbs campaign on his Web site. And in India, an economist calls the growing political backlash in the U.S. against outsourcing the "Lou Dobbs effect."

I never thought I would say this (since I love to "torture" Lou via Atrios), but please watch Lou's show on CNN and let him know how much you appreciate his efforts (and tell him the Outsourced American sent you!).


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