2/22: Newest outsourcing wave: Foreign accountants prepare Americans' tax returns (MLive.com)... " Critics say outsourcing short-shrifts U.S. accountants and exposes unwitting Americans to identity theft, which the Federal Trade Commission ranks as one of the country's fastest-growing crimes" but we'll just say that it just screws more americans!

2/22: Outsourcing trend seen 'dangerous for Buffalo' (The Buffalo News)... And it ain't too good for the rest of us either

2/22: On the way out Outsourcing of U.S. jobs strikes chord with Board of Economists (NWITimes.com)... "Outsourcing is a cancer that's eating up this country," he said. "If the jobs leave, what's taking their place? Other jobs aren't taking their place "All we're going to be doing is flipping hamburgers for each other" - Finally someone gets it!

2/22: Outsourcing An Important Issue For US Voter: Survey (The Indian Express)... because offshoring is Unamerican you silly bastards!

2/21: GE forced to allow outsourcing issue on ballot (Timesunion.com)... And that's one way to fight the good fight.

2/20: Offshore outsourcing poses privacy perils Computerworld.com... "Outsourcing jobs to offshore destinations can sharply increase data privacy risks and the complexity of managing that risk" HA HA HA! Hilarious! Cry me a river!

2/20: Outsourcing: Danger to Privacy (Wired News)... It's a danger to your job too!

2/19: Kerry, Edwards make outsourcing major poll issue (The Hindu)... Remember folks: If you love your job, Vote Democrat!

2/18: Rage Against Offshoring Is Very Real (Fortune)... I could have told you that dopey, oh and the 'racist' thing doesn't fly with me either: it's about being able to provide for your family. Why should India be "Shining" with jobs created here? How about "America Shining"? I wish they'd offshore your bloody job and we'll see how "racist" your response is.

2/17: Political Timing, Outsourced (The New York Times, registration may be required)... "Gregory Mankiw, chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, created a stir when he said the overseas outsourcing of jobs is probably a good thing in the long run" (and getting rid of Bush Co. wouldn't be bad in the short term!)


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