2/13: Edwards attacks outsourcing: Leading Dems strike on Bush report advocating more job exports (WorkingForChange.com)... Give 'em hell John!

2/7: US politician Kerry calls outsourcing firms traitors (IndiaTimes)... And you know what? So do we: Outsourcing is Unamerican

2/7: Two legislators demand limits to offshore outsourcing (Minneapolis Star Tribune)... About bloody time.

2/7: (UK) Government intent on encouraging more outsourcing (Contractor UK)... I love England, but that is just insane! You want to get rid of more jobs? Again: At least we're not alone!

2/1: Critics cite the cost of 'offshoring' (MySA.com)... I got your cost right here: American Jobs. Duh.

1/29: U.S. Tech Workers Help Companies Export Their Jobs (Yahoo! News)... This is like asking someone to dig their own grave. Truly EVIL. (My advice? Do a bad job training your replacement)

1/29: Law limits offshoring of A-76 work (WashingtonTechnology.com)... Oh good, they can't outsource work for the Feds, but what about the rest of us? Doesn't matter: I wouldn't vote for Bush Co. if you paid me.

1/28: Offshoring 'will cost UK £5.7bn and 250,000 jobs by 2010' (Silicon.com)... I've said it before and I'll say it again: at least we're not alone!

1/28: 'Offshoring' meets its enemies (CNN Money)... Where can I sign-up as an official enemy of Offshoring? Are the dues? I'll pay

1/24: US may outsource 10-20% of IT jobs in 5-10 years (Business Standard)... Sweet Zombie Jesus, what is wrong with these people?

A MUST READ - 1/20: IBM to outsource thousands of euphemisms (The Register)... "Do not be transparent regarding the purpose/intent" of the moves, IBM advises, and 'on-shore' and 'off-shore' should never be used." Really? Well neither should IBM products. Assholes.

1/19: Sears CEO Alan Lacy sings praises of offshore outsourcing (Computerworld.com)... How about I sing the praises of Sear's competitors? Next time they have their "All American Sale" remind me to laugh. What a DICK!

1/16: Polls in US could put pressure on outsourcing: Nasscom (HindustanTimes.com)... Well let's fucking hope so!!

1/16: Overseas Outsourcing in India Generates Concerns (Sillicon Valley Biz Ink)... Just concern? Some people may not be taking this seriously enough.

1/15: Abbey and Axa jobs follow the path to India (The Guardian Unlimited)... "Unions warned yesterday of a 'stampede' of financial services jobs leaving Britain..." Stampede 1 : a wild headlong rush or flight of frightened animals; 2 : a mass movement of people at a common impulse

1/15: Techies Left Behind (New Haven Advocate)... My favorite line in the article:"There's no future here."

1/8: Tech firms defend 'offshoring' of labor as vital (StarBanner.com)... And I think keeping labor here in the US is vital.

1/5: Guess which jobs are going abroad : These days it's not just a desire to cut costs that's pushing employers to hire overseas. (CNN Money)... Here's a thought: If we outsource everyone, who exactly will be left to buy anything?

1/4: 'Offshoring' Trend Casting a Wider Net (the Los Angeles Times, registration may be required)... Outsourcing movement is defying conventional wisdom about what positions are immune from export, so don't believe the bastards when they tell you your job is safe (unless you're flipping burgers)

12/30/03: U.S. companies quietly moving more jobs overseas (Forbes.com)... "Quietly moving" them because they know they're wrong and are afraid of the backlash. We call them 'Traitorous cowards'

12/24/03: Outsourcing to Offshoring (Sify.com)... "Outsourcing by the US is assuming massive proportions" no kidding? Oy.

12/23/03: AOL quietly shifts staffing to India(ZD Net UK)... So much for "America" On-Line. 1 more reason not to use those bastards.

12/22/03: Offshore operation may not be money-saving move (the Seattle Times)... Awww, you tried to save a few bucks and it didn't work? Serves you right.

12/15/03: IBM Offshoring Plan Revealed (Internetnews.com)... So IBM is looking to send 4,700 jobs abroad? Well, I'm looking never buying anything IBM again (Fuck IBM: buy a Mac)

12/2/03: India's burgeoning call centres (BBC News Online)... I feel so much better that the Brits are doing this too: At least I know we're not alone

8/11/03: Top jobs will go to Far East (The Evening Standard)... This includes accounting jobs!


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