"Oh Big Box Mart..."

Maybe now that Jib Jab has made a cute little animated movie about it, the whole Outsourcing/Offshoring thing will start to make sense to 'mericans.

But we're not holding our breath.

Good luck out there folks... you're gonna need it.


We've Quit, BUT...

Received a lot of encouragement and have been asked not to quit this site, but our mind is made up: we're done. We will, however, be blogging for The Hollywood Progressive Insititute from time to time. So please visit.

And, as always, say check out Brandoland


It's Official: We Quit

Sorry folks... our heart just isn't in it anymore. We're so disturbed by the lack of intellectual honesty and truth in this country that well, you're on your own. Believe in creationism, believe the earth is flat, believe that there's no such thing as a right to privacy, keep believing that if men could get pregnant abortion would still be an issue, keep believing that big business has your best interests at heart, keep believing that the Bush Administration cares about you and your kids, keep believing... well keep believing whatever you want because that's apparently what 'mericans do: they believe what they want no matter what the facts are.

Good luck... you're gonna need it.

Images from Remixed Propaganda


The Republican Culture Gap

Back from our travels and, while in one of darker moods, re-considering the whole 'blog' thing. Does anyone care about anything anymore? Not sure... suffering from a bit of 'liberal fatigue' after CAFTA and thinking that we just want things to get so bad that folks will have to start to think for themselves...

Like we said: we're in one of our darker moods.

So we leave you with The Republican Culture Gap by Ward Sutton.